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Long live the king!

Join our hero in an action packed adventure as we fulfill our duty as one of our kingdom's tax collectors. As you know, kingdom's don't pay for themselves and it is your job to collect what is rightfully owed to our king. Explore the land of Revenous , shake down bandits, go door to door , and find hidden treasure as you fearlessly traverse the land of the common folk.

See if you can find all of the hidden loot!


Controls :

Movement - W , A , S , D control system.

Left Click - Slash : A Hard attack that does maximum damage but takes a little longer to execute.

Right Click - Thrust : A quick attack that does minimal damage. Longer distance , mainly used to stun enemies.

Left Sprint - Sprint : You aren't as quick as everyone, sometimes the best course of action is to use your energy in bursts. Useful for quick movement in battle.

Spacebar - Jump : Even though you're wearing a suit of armor, you are strong enough to jump a modest height!

E - Use/Attempt to collect from houses/Chat : The primary way to interact with the world and talk to the common folk.


Made for the #uejam Spring 2019 Marketplace Takeover!


HitchBlock_Geld.rar 179 MB

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